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I traveled back a thousand years ago and became a detective

When I was a child, I especially wished that I could become Conan, owning his watch gun of the same type, and after shooting someone else, I coolly picked up the bowtie microphone, and after some rigorous reasoning, I said: “There is only one truth.”


When I grew up, I envied Kogoro Akechi in Edogawa Ranbu. Not because I like reasoning, but because it’s so cool to expose other people’s modus operandi.

If Japanese reasoning is permeated with weird and strange tastes, then American reasoning gives me the feeling that burgers + hot dogs-delicious, but the heat explodes.

For example, Deduction Event Book. In my impression, this is a game that requires constant scanning of QR codes, clues, and idioms. During the game, I even made up an American drama.

But what I didn’t expect was that this year the official announced a big move: four new works were published in one go.


This game, called the Millennium Series, consists of the ancient version of 1400, the modern version of 1900 and the cyberpunk version of 2400.


The historical background of the game is set in the dimension of a thousand years, coupled with the expansion of time, can finally travel through the three games to solve a larger mystery.

In Bloom, she’s not a flower

Hazy, she’s not a haze

In the latest version of the Chinese version of Knight’s Creed: 1400, you play a knight named Abra Levy, who has a similar ability to Bran: dreaming strange dreams. In the dream, you seem to be able to foresee some fragments of the past and the future. With this ability, you became the most famous detective in the Middle Ages and solved many cases.


The game is divided into four scripts: The Lost Chapter, The Bathing of Soul, Firm Belief, and Dark Glow. The difficulty of each script increases sequentially. Start the app and you can start the game. Generally speaking, the Knight’s Creed is not much different from the previous editions. They are used to clarify the relationship between them by visiting different places, people, and objects.


But the difference is that the level of Knight’s Creed has risen. First of all, the map is divided into three parts: the red position represents the exhibits you have, the blue represents the objects you know but have not found, and the character interface is for people you know but do not know the specific location.


Don’t forget that in the Deduction Event Book, time passes slowly. Every time you ask for a character or scan an item, it will add 5 minutes to it, and it will take 20 minutes to go to a new location. Don’t underestimate the influence of time, this is how the butterfly effect comes. Time in the game will also trigger other events. For example, one of the items was stolen or another murder occurred.

Time affects two things: the faster you solve the crime, the higher the score at the end of the game; the characters in the game keep normal time. For example, in the middle of the night, you cannot visit some characters. Sometimes, the characters in the game will not let you cross-examine him easily, and you may need some monetary bribes.


PAW Patrol

As the saying goes, you rely on your parents at home, your friends when you go out, and your brotherhood in Paris (there is no such saying). In the game, you have three reliable relatives who have made achievements in different fields. In each case, you can obtain mysterious clues by asking relatives.

Your uncle is a monk in the monastery, who is proficient in various documents, so you can find him for clues related to paper; your sister is a merchant who is proficient in various treasures, so you can ask her for clues related to artifacts; your brother is a spy, he knows people in various trades in Paris.


In addition, there is an important partner in the game-the greyhound Parsifah. It can find the owner of the item by sniffing the evidence. When you scan it to sniff an object, he will react as follows: no human odor; smells and runs to one of them; smells but cannot distinguish, etc.

The addition of dogs seems to bring more fun to the game, and it feels like there is a better helper. The emergence of Parsifah seems to further confirm the theme: in the distant 1400 years, without the help of high-tech, the dog seems to have become a powerful tool.

Dreaming back to Paris

The game Knight’s Creed has undergone an epic update in terms of art, workmanship, and mechanics. Not only retains the excellent core mechanics, but also adds some interesting settings to bring players a new experience (without spoilers).

Story: A young scribe was murdered in the studio, and the chain of interests that led to it was so complicated, and how did the fate of a small individual be reflected in the huge age? The game sets the story scene in Paris. What kind of city was Paris in 1400 AD?

Image: The art in the game is indeed commendable. Through the dream card, I seem to be able to see the silhouettes of the scenes. The excellent art skills of painters restore the important scenes in the game for the player and connect the clues of the story.


Cooperation: Although the game marked 1-4 people, I think 2 people seem to be the perfect match. Different from the escape games such as Big Search and Limited Time Escape Room, Deduction Event Book is more like a board game version of “Script Kill”. It has many branches. You need to keep interrogating and switching characters back and forth. To find logical relationships. Therefore, it needs cooperation, and more people are needed to find clues. But the more people there are, the more players will not feel involved. So, the match between the two seems to be the most perfect.

Post time: Jul-31-2021